Cultivate your peace and purpose among a sisterhood of friends. Small group guided mentorship designed to inspire, motivate and challenge participants to embrace the beauty of their vulnerabilities, share and support each other, and design lives of intention, clarity and power.

Live a life inspired by focusing your heart and mind on your G.I.F.T.S.

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New Circles begin regularly! Contact Rita via the form below to let her know that you are ready to meet the women and friends who will support and inspire your personal journey to thriving.


Are you looking to release toxic ideas, thoughts, people, behaviors and limiting beliefs which are no longer serving you?  It’s time to BURN all of it, and replace with new, healthy different experiences.

Rita will facilitate a two hour guided workshop for you and your inner circle, your Church group, your family. Spend time reflecting on what isn’t working for you, navigate an internal release of that which has been holding you back and design a vision board that will give you renewed clarity for your life moving forward!

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Contact Rita via the form below, to let her know you would like to bring together a group and have her host it at her office.


Hosted 2nd Tuesday of every month, 9:00-4:00 at RICHMOND HILL

Cost is $20, payable when you arrive and includes lunch

Join Spiritual Coach Rita Ricks for a day of journaling, silence, and introspection. 

Leave your phone behind…bring your journal and your Bible and prepare to connect with your Creator as you wander the quiet gardens and hidden retreats of Richmond Hill (richmondhillva.org). Be still and know. Begin and end the day sharing your thoughts and experiences in intimate dialogue with your peers and with Rita as your guide.

Participants will be given a SILENCE tag so as not to be disturbed during exploration and lunch will be eaten in silence.

Contact Rita via the form below to let her know that you will be attending the next event.


A unique opportunity for women to come together to explore and embrace authenticity in open dialogues designed to spark collaboration, understanding, respect and a shared interest in creating a better planet for ourselves and for our children.

A bi-partisan, diverse gathering focusing on dynamic conversation bringing awareness to our differences and similarities.  When we work together, we are empowered to positively impact our families, our communities, our society and our world.

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