The word ADVANCE is defined as development or improvement.  Imagine what your life would look like, if you and I spend a year together. 

 We’ll uncover and release, immediately, the toxic barriers keeping you hostage   We’ll meet monthly to establish and maintain new habits and behaviors. We’ll create a new realty for you. I’ll be your support, your cheerleader, your accountability partner.  Our discussions will always be current and relevant to your personal and professional life and what’s happening in the moment. Spending one year of your life being coached and held accountable is priceless as you witness your transformation. Your commitment speaks to your wanting to live your authentic self…full of joy, confidence, clarity and purpose.

Your Investment includes:

  • 1 session per week for 4 weeks to identify and breakdown barriers
  • Month 2-12, one session per month plus one 10 minute SOS call monthly
  • Member of Transformation Circle and FB community, at no cost 
  • Complimentary Permission Granted journal with 52 video clips ref the Epiphanies 
  • Special link to “Speaking to Your Spirit” broadcast on Amazon (at no cost)
  • Recommended Book Reading list 

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This VIP ADVANCE is designed for you to BE in a different space a year from today.

Feel free to reach out by contacting me here:    http://speaktoyourspirit.com/contact-us/

I check my emails regularly and personally respond to EVERY message sent me.


Five (5) consecutive weekly sessions (accelerated strategy)


Choose to spend FIVE(5) weeks in authentic and nourishing one on one conversation with me. I’ll show you how to identify the barriers preventing you from creating the life you were born to live. Within 5 weeks, together, we will name and destroy those barriers – person, place, thing, event, behavior, thought – whatever is keeping you stuck in guilt, sadness, self-doubt, unhappy, tired, toxicity and not having fun.   It’s important we meet consistently, for those 5 weeks, so you can move from under those barriers, those obstructions.   We dig into the pain and healing begins immediately.  When you commit to doing the necessary work weekly,  you’re guaranteed to be in a different space at the conclusion.  I’m going to show you new ways of thinking, new behaviors to develop, new  possibilities and opportunities which will enlarge your territory. I am your cheerleader, your support system and will hold you accountable for what you say you want in your life 

This program consists of 5 consecutive sessions, where we meet for 75 minutes each, and we talk via phone or face to face. Some of our conversations might touch on:

What might you be afraid of facing?

 Why can’t you seem to move beyond this?

How you lost you in the process?

Who have you evolved into?

And at the end of the 5 weeks, you’ll feel more confident, self-fulfilled and purposeful because you have the tools you need to live the life you imagined…with peace, clarity and balance.

Your Investment includes:

  • 5 weekly consecutive calls 
  • 1 SOS call per week
  •  Complimentary Permission Granted journal 
  •  Member of FB community Group (at no cost)

Sound good?

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Feel free to reach out by contacting me here:    http://speaktoyourspirit.com/contact-us/

I check my emails regularly and personally respond to EVERY message sent me.

VISION sessions – LASER COACHING  (One-on-One)

One (1) 75-minute session per month for three (3) months

(accelerated strategy)



You’ve put in the time and the work for Self and you’ve had your Breakthru!   No more living your life by looking through that rearview mirror. You broke down those barriers and burned them out of your life.  GOOD JOB!

But before you start dancing in the streets just yet, I have a little advice for you…keep your headlights on.  WHY?  Because the joy of victory over your past, can quickly turn to apprehension over your future – IF you don’t have a plan.  And this is where I come in.

During this 90-day program, you and I will meet monthly for 75 minutes, face to face or over the phone, for 3 months.  In other words, your Breakthrough work was about “releasing and letting go”. Moving forward, your work must be about “creating and building a vision for your future”.  The barriers are gone and you are free to dream and see yourself in the space you were created to be in. 

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You will gain Purpose, Intention, Direction, Vision.  You’ll realize that you really do create your own reality by how you think and what you say. In short, it’s time to enjoy BEING you!

Your investment includes:

  • 3 Monthly sessions 75 minute sessions
  • 3 SOS calls
  • Vision Board/Action Plan
  • Member of FB community Group (at no cost)

Feel free to reach out by contacting me here:    http://speaktoyourspirit.com/contact-us/

I check my emails regularly and personally respond to EVERY message sent me.


One (1) session per month for 6 months


You kind of know where you want to go and you kind of have some ideas around how to get there, but you can’t locate the START button. You want to bring this grey idea/concept/dream into your life, but where do you begin?  It seems overwhelming and scary and quite frankly, you’re much too busy to follow your dream…and once again, you release the whole notion as being frivolous. You go back to living in your labels – wife, mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother, caregiver, boss, employee, student – rather than cultivating your own personal mission for the time you’re on this planet.

And this is where I come in…You need a jumpstart!

Together we’ll bring order to your thoughts and ideas, prioritize them and map out a plan.  The not having the plan that’s keeping you from making decisions.  The plan begins with your vision of where you want to go and what you must do to get there.  I’ll help you with that.  Once you get in your lane, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel…and it’s not a train.

We will meet face to face or over the phone. I’ll provide resources, recommendations and continual support.

In between sessions, you will incorporate your learnings in your daily life, in order to build the necessary foundation to feed your courage and power

At the end of the 6 months, you will walk away with an action plan and clear vision for your future.

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You can take your time, make decisions, keep your full-time gig while testing the waters and eliminate stress that comes with change.  No worries, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Feel free to reach out by contacting me here:    http://speaktoyourspirit.com/contact-us/

I check my emails regularly and personally respond to EVERY message sent me.


Your Investment includes:

  • 1 60 minute conversation per month for 6 months
  • Vision Board/Action Plan

SOS session: LASER COACHING (One-on-One)


There’s something going on in your life isn’t there?  I mean like right now. 

Something urgent, something that requires your immediate attention.

  • Maybe you’re in an abusive relationship.
  • Maybe you’ve been assaulted or compromised in some way on the job.
  • Maybe it’s a crazy divorce, or you don’t even recognize your kid’s behavior
  • Maybe it’s an illness or the death of someone truly meaningful in your life.
  • Or maybe you’re just in a dark place and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Bottom Line: You need a frank, heart to heart conversation with someone you trust and will listen to you, rather than offer personal opinions.  This is not so much an attempt to  “solve” the problem per say, but just to talk it out, and feel the support as you make decisions to move you forward.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a Spiritual Coach, and have lived on this planet over 70 years.   I’ve seen (just about) all life has to offer.  And while I don’t claim to have all the answers, I do have a direct line to my Father above and lots of wisdom and discernment to get most people out of any situation they might be in.

Here’s how it works.

We’ll talk 1-on-1 for 45 minutes over the phone.  During that call I’ll hear what’s happening in your life, and provide some thoughts for moving you forward.

And I have to be honest: I have a tendency to be a little blunt in these situations. J  Meaning if you’re looking for someone to “sugar coat” things…well, this might not be for you.

But if you’re looking for some fast-acting, actionable advice to move you forward in whatever life circumstance you find yourself in, then this is exactly what you need.

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Your investment includes:

  • 45-minute phone session
  • Discuss options



from 8:00-9:00pm via phone

Let’s face it: Life can be overwhelming to say the least.

You’ve got stuff to do with your family, stuff to do with work, stuff with just about everyone in your life…except for you!  And while it’s great to be a nourisher and provide support to your family and others around you, it’s also equally important to make time for yourself to “fill your cup” and replenish your energy.  Because if you don’t, let me tell you what happens…

Fatigue => Burnout => Adverse Health Condition

And take my word on this, I speak from personal experience.

Things were going great in my life, until they weren’t.  A series of 5 challenges occurred in my life over a 5-year period that changed my life FOREVER. My foundation fell from under me.  My norm was no longer.  I thought I was grieving when really, I wasn’t.  So, along with strengthening my faith, I had to reach out to my sister girls for healing, comfort and courage.  Sitting on the floor with them or at the dining room table with shoes off and favorite beverage in our hands – PRICELESS!!!!!

Which is why I created Transformation Circle.  This is a monthly session OVER THE PHONE, for 75 minutes on a Sunday evening with ladies who are looking to reconnect, replenish and unwind with other like-minded women.

This is a “judgment free” zone where I’ll start the call with a short, restorative meditation designed to get everyone grounded and flowing positive, inspiring energy. Then we’ll move into a selected topic, for example, attracting positive relationships, taking risks, being present, being purposeful, bringing power to our thoughts.  You can comment about the topic, or share what’s been showing up in your life that you need us to provide input.  And don’t worry…if you don’t want to speak, you don’t have to.

Sometimes just listening to others dealing with similar experiences is all we need to determine how to best handle our own situation!  We do ask that you be kind, gentle and respectful of each and every person on the call…just as they will do for you.

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BY THE WAY – I’m going to do a Facebook live half way through the month to keep you focused on you as well as encourage and support you.  It will always be relevant, current and growing us as a community.

Small group guided mentorship is designed to inspire, motivate and challenge you to embrace the beauty of your vulnerabilities, share and support each other, and design lives of intention, clarity and power.

Grab your favorite beverage, find a special place just to BE and have authentic, intimate conversation about managing your life.  Each session will be recorded, because it might be so good to you, you’ll have to hear it twice.

If a little evening inspiration sounds like a good fit for you, then register below and we’ll “see” you on our next call! 


YOUR Investment includes:


  • 75-minute monthly group call
  • Current and relevant topics 
  • Monthly  FB live
  • Building community