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Begin each day in silence, with 365 daily prompts designed to encourage you to live #JustForToday, in purpose, intention, gratitude, and power. Simple daily challenges that inspire quick results, living in the moment and a fresh, grateful heart as you approach each new day.

Includes space for journaling your thoughts, listing your gratitudes and embracing your G.I.F.T.S.


Change can feel scary and uncomfortable, especially when you feel like you need to make big changes across multiple facets of life. Sometimes what we need are tiny adjustments to our sails, simple, digestible changes to how we approach our daily routines and mindsets.

The #JustForToday workbook is a perfect fit for women who know that change needs to happen, and value the daily input and guidance that will help them to start making those changes, provided they are delivered in a simple format that meets them where they’re at so that success feels both manageable and possible.


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