My purpose is to show you how to connect to your authentic self,  your spirit. My coaching enables you to reach your full potential.

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To show women (and really smart men) how to remove the barriers preventing them from creating the lives they were born to live!

To be the most sought after Spiritual Coaching Company on the Planet

We are Committed to being present in conversations with clients, providing coaching unique to the client’s needs, speaking Truth from the heart, following our inner voice

Your Spiritual Life and Business Coach

A fantastic spiritual coach...

“In late 2019, I met Rita Ricks – a fantastic spiritual coach.

I was drawn to her spirit, light, and positive energy and signed up for a year-long coaching package for 2020. In our first few months of working together, she worked with me to slow down and listen to the silence. I had been filling up my time with so much that I was having a hard time saying “no” and repeatedly found myself feeling like a hamster on a wheel. We worked with my belief that I had to hustle for my worthiness. What I needed to do was stop rushing and start listening. As Rita often reminded me, “you are a human being. Not a human doing.” Working with a coach helped me realize the benefit of coaching, and I began to explore options for sharing my story and helping other women gain clarity and purpose.”

-Sarah Scott

A pleasure to partner with...

“Collaborating with Rita as my Spiritual Business Coach has been rewarding and life-giving. Over the past few months, she has helped me achieve tangible goals towards building my business that I had not been able to attain on my own. Rita has lots of ideas and encouragement to share, and she has a way of speaking the truth both with strength and gentleness. Her faith is strong, apparent and contagious! She has a generous spirit and is a true blessing! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for assistance in making progress in discerning and living into their life’s purpose.

It is a pleasure to partner with her!”

-Cindy Jennings, CMP, Healing Harp

A Spiritual Rock Star!

“Rita Ricks is a spiritual rock star. I completed close to 100 interviews when my book was released and many were meaningful. But Rita’s deep observations, powerful questions and endless empathy put her in a league of her own. The world is a better place because of how swiftly and elegantly Rita Ricks can illuminate the greatest growth opportunities in our lives.  Rita, I LOVE your talent and your soul.  Seriously.”

-Katherine Wintsch, CEO of The Mom Complex & Author of Slay Like a Mother

“What you do today forms your tomorrow!”

~ Rita Ricks

  1. Connect with people who share your values, more so than your skin color.
  2. Remind yourself that you are enough to make a difference.  Choose an action and commit to make it happen!
  3. Silence means consent.  Speak your truth even as you respect, not necessarily agree, with others.  You will not convince everyone, but they will hear you.
  4. Run for Political Office, ANY office, that you feel needs your input, your thoughts, your ideas!
  5. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!…In EVERY election.