SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio wrapped up this month’s series on TAKING RISKS, tonight.  In my Coaching Conversation, I offered the following suggestions for helping you choose to risk:

1. Change how you think about yourself

2.  Eleanor Roosevelt says “do one thing every day that scares you”

3.  Work on being grateful

4.  Stop trying to live for others

Listen to the broadcast to hear more about each….


My guest, Antoinette Archer was incredibly transparent about her life, choices she’s made and the risks she’s taken.  She owns her own Human Resource Company and shared how she brings value to small business owners.

I’m excited for you to hear tonight’s show and apologize in advance for the technical difficulties.

This is all about YOU DARING TO BE YOU AND LIVING YOUR LIFE.  I DARE you to take the risk so you can CLAIM YOUR BEST SELF!

Connect with me and allow me to support you in this part of your journey.  www.speaktoyourspirit.com

I’m Rita……speaking to your spirit


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