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SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio’s guest last night was Gwen Hurt, founder of SHOE CRAZY WINE, a private label wine company.  She’s located in several restaurants and grocery stores in the U. S. and 2 major groceries in Singapore.  That accomplishment alone, should encourage you to ask for SHOE CRAZY WINE, whenever you purchase wine.  This sister risked it all and even with a small staff, is making it happen.  Listen as she shares her vision story and take what you need to motivate you towards manifesting your vision.

In my Coaching Conversation, I discuss the fact that managing your 86,400 seconds effectively reduces your stress level so you can accomplish your goals and still have fun.  I also suggest an exercise that, practiced daily for a month, will give you the necessary structure to BE PRODUCTIVE rather than busy.


SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio airs every Tuesday night 8:00 EST.  Dial 646-652-2512 to listen and chat with me.  Follow me on periscope and send lots of hearts.  I love hearing from you.

I’m Rita……speaking to your spirit


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