SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio featured Erin Podbielniak, of the Neat Niche, on last night’s program.  She had great information and continued to share even as I experienced technical difficulties with my phone.  I wanted Erin to talk about steps you can take to reduce the clutter not only in your environment, but in your head as well.  You are so connected within your mind, body and spirit, making it critical that you bring order to all aspects of your life.

My Coaching Conversation summarized the value of embracing your 86,400 seconds you receive DAILY.  Send me your thoughts on the shows we offered in September……we had some good stuff!!

Here is the link:        http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mwhyllc/2015/09/30/spirit-journeys-radio-show-with-rita-ricks

Let me hear your thoughts,

I’m Rita……speaking to your spirit


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