This is the third Domestic Violence show from SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio.  My guests have all been candid and authentic in sharing their experiences.  My guest on this show is Resa Goldberg who wrote a book about her experience entitled LOVE ME MADLY.  At age 15, Resa dreamed of her Prince Charming. But he arrived in a pickup truck rather than a white horse and was criminally abusive rather than charming. Her story of struggle and healing is riveting.  She has wonderful advice for young women on signs they need to pay attention to.

In my coaching conversation I share statistics that just blew me away……the impact it has on children, the economy, the survivors.  Everyday in the UNITED STATES, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.  WHAT CAN YOU DO??  Listen to the show and then send me your thoughts.


Click here to listen to my other two shows on this subject:  http://www.priceservices.com/speaktoyourspirit.com/

I really want to hear from you.  This is a serious matter and I suspect you know someone who is either a victim or perpetrator.


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