SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio show, below, was a FULL BLOWN LOVE STORY!  WOW!!  I invited Sybil El-Amin and her husband, Amos Jones(AJ)  to be my guest because Sybil is a recent survivor of breast cancer.  I invited her husband to share his thoughts, from a husband, male, father perspective. AJ stole the show…..he was raw and authentic in his feelings.  Sybil had a double mastectomy and I asked his feelings about that……Authentic.  They each shared how the entire experience has impacted their relationship and you will be blown away with their words.


Survivors……there is always hope.  You cannot have a test without a testimony.  When you get to the other side, you must tell your story so other people can benefit from your experience and you can realize how very strong you truly are.

Choose SURVIVOR over VICTIM.  Be grateful that you made it thru.  Be grateful that you toppled the Giant.  Be grateful that even though it was tough in the beginning, you’re able to benefit from the good.  Be grateful to BE able to celebrate.

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I’m Rita……speaking to your spirit


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