I encourage you to listen to the link below of SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio’s most recent broadcast.  My guest, a very successful and seasoned entrepreneur, shares her story about the consequences she encountered when she followed someone else’s dreams for her, rather than her own dreams for her.  When you experience dis-ease all around you, you sometimes will suffer from disease inside of you.  Your purpose is your assignment and your Spirit suffers when you are not living in the gifts you came to the planet with.  PAY ATTENTION AND LISTEN TO YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.  Click on the link below to listen and then send me a note with your thoughts.


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My purpose is to coach you into CLAIMING YOUR BEST SELF one day at a time.  I’m launching an ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR BEST SELF mastermind group in early January, so pls stay connected with me for more and more information. It’s time, right now, to schedule purposeful and intentional activity.

I’m Rita…..speaking to your spirit

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