Spirit Journeys 7-19

My Coaching Conversation tonight begins with the words –  STOP STRUGGLING.  “The battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s”.  I share 6 tips to help you get out of your own way in order to let God work on your behalf.  Listen to the show, with your journal in hand, so you can record the tips and begin immediately to incorporate changes in your day.  I am your Spiritual Coach and my ONLY purpose is to show  you how to live from the inside out.

SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio has no particular theme this month, other than meeting with women who have had to make  hard choices. Listen to Pat’s journey as she attempts to make sense of losing the love of her life. She knows God, she leaves God, she returns to God.  Let her help you heal from the pain of loss.


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I’m Rita…….speaking to your spirit

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