Spirit Journeys 8-30

My guest is a woman who felt trapped inside the walls of hurt and rejection after her divorce several years ago. She found herself imprisoned by a victim mentality that hindered her ability to move past her circumstances and live again…..but, NO longer. Her non profit, Purpose Bound Parents, is where she educates single parents to move their families into self sufficiency. She calls herself Chief Possibility Officer and she is the author of IMPRISONED FOR PREPARATION.

LaWanda has a great story and a great attitude.  She has made the decision to define her life and her legacy by helping others to move in the direction of their destiny. Her journal came out of her healing and her Non Profit is a Blessing to women, you may know personally, who will benefit.  Listen below to our conversation


We all know women, including ourselves, who are struggling under the weight of all the hats we wear, the labels we carry, the baggage we lift.  Consider registering for the Metropolitan Business League’s WOMEN WHO MEAN BUSINESS CONFERENCE, on Sept 30th at the Marriott Hotel.  I am the host for the day and look forward to seeing you.  Here is the link to learn more.


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I’m Rita…….speaking to your spirit




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