My first blog in over a year…let me know your thoughts.

I turned seventy on April 11, and I’m thrilled. As crazy as this sounds, it feels like I’ve finally arrived! I am a “FOR REAL” grown woman.

It is a bit strange, because I certainly don’t feel like what I perceived a 70 year old woman would feel, but what do I know? I spent most of last year dreading what, I now realize, was me mulling over the number seven-zero. It felt like the end of an era and it is. But each day ends and a new day begins, and it’s called life. NOTHING IS NEW NOR DIFFERENT (just the number).

I feel better than ever in my mind, body and spirit. I love the work I’ve done to get me to this point…yes, the work! It’s critical that we nourish ourselves in a variety of ways, for example:

I went, ALONE, to hear my all-time favorite singer Johnny Mathis, on April 1. I sat in the theater and replayed memories from age 16 till that day. Johnny live, my memories, and a glass of wine. It was magical.

My daughters, granddaughters and I cruised for 6 days the week of my birthday. The focal point was not so much where we went, but that we were together for an extended period of time with limited internet! We talked and laughed and made memories.

My goal is to live the hell out of every day that comes my way, because I am extremely grateful for being in this space and I refuse to waste a minute. Making memories and legacy…..because I can. #RITAat70

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