My daughter taught me a life lesson, after I ran the 10K last year while complaining loudly that EVERYTHING hurt.  She immediately reminded me that I had not trained as well for it but, I still placed number 40-something in my age group of 240 plus women.  What she said that I will remember the following year, “Mom, you’re not aging, but your body IS getting older.”

WOW!  That’s exactly what’s happening to me.  I feel absolutely capable of following my purpose, running my race, creating new ideas, having new experiences, wearing short skirts and sleeveless blouses.

HOWEVER, it takes me longer to remember a particular word or name.  I’m running an 11-minute mile now rather than a 9-minute mile from just two years ago. Shout out to my personal trainer who works diligently to rid me of the flabby underarm.  And the short skirt simply winks at the varicose veins. YUCK!!!

So, I’ve come to grips with what’s happening in this Act 3 of my life.  And here’s the best part – I’m alive and well and grateful!  It’s a blessing and I thank God EVERY DAY, for allowing me to experience one more un-repeatable day. I will not waste a second complaining and being upset about the changes happening with my body nor the changing life circumstances I find myself in.  Instead, I will continue to eat right, exercise, grow my business, love myself, wear short skirts and sleeveless blouses.  I live by knowing that when I change my perspective, I change my reality.  Choose to enjoy rather than choosing to dread, and let me hear from you.  #Rita@70 #RebuildYourLife

I’m Rita … speaking to your spirit






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