August is BOOMERS MAKING A DIFFERENCE month, and this message is dedicated to those of you born between 1946 and 1964, ranging in age from 71- 53. You’ve been around for a minute, made lots of mistakes, learned lots of good stuff, seen huge paradigm shifts, know what IDK means, witnessed the evolution of telephones and with some of you, had no idea you could love your grands so doggone much!

You’ve lost close family and friends; you’ve survived major illnesses that 20 years earlier might have taken you out.  You’re on the other side of the mountain.  But wait!!!  Remember that though your body may be aging, your spirit is ageless.  And you still have TODAY!

So I pose this question to you, as you find yourself in a really kind of different stage of your life…


How are you using your gifts, your wisdom, and your knowledge?  What seeds are you sowing?  Where are you focusing your energy?  How are you taking care of you in order to make the difference?

It’s time to stop blaming government, leaders, media, family, friends, millennials, age and anything else keeping you from taking responsibility for your life.  You create your own reality based on how you think and what you say.

Boomers!  There’s so much life still to live, the minute you decide there is.  You have much to offer and the planet is waiting for you to contribute.  It’s a new season.  What have you always wanted to do?  It doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds. It’s your journey and no one else even begins to have your vision or your gifts.

Make a difference beginning today, so next August, you can share not only that you’re a proud boomer, but that you are making a difference.

Contact me at https://speaktoyourspirit.com/contact-us/  and let’s talk some more!

I’m Rita……speaking to your spirit



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