Seriously, people wake up angry.  They remain that way through the day and it starts all over again tomorrow.  The energy swirling around them is toxic and upsetting. They live in hype, they hear the noise, they feel their blood pressure rise and still they keep moving towards the cliff. They are out of control and just writing about it makes my head hurt. They blame everyone else and take no responsibility for their own actions.  They make decisions based on little to no truths and want to hurt anyone who disagrees.

I’m talking about adults, but children behave based on what they see more often than what they’re told. So generation after generation grows these angry people who never stop to ask why. They have stopped thinking for themselves and choose to simply follow the crowd.  They choose to settle in someone else’s dream rather than dreaming their own dreams.

I suggest if more people chose to respond from a place inside of themselves, rather than react to everything around them, they might not be so angry. They might begin to discern truth over noise, good over bad, happiness over despondency, love over hate.  They might begin to feel hope and joy and freedom and peace and life.

So, if you happen to be a non-angry person, GOOD FOR YOU!  Maintain your rhythm of peace.  Continue to journal, read/listen to positive material and spend time being SILENT to hear how you should respond. You may not be able to change them, but you’ll be much healthier and happier…and isn’t that what truly matters?

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I’m Rita……speaking to your spirit


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