Were you like me, pretty excited, throughout December, anticipating what you want to see happen in the New Year?


The Holiday Spirit is STILL ringing in your head, the freezing weather makes you want to live in a cocoon and quite frankly, goals are hard to create, let alone follow.

I get it!

Frigid weather will zap your energy and alter your mood to the point that it’s easy to make excuses for doing nothing. So, you have to figure out how to move forward in order that January is not a wash.

Here’s where I can help.  Let me show you HOW to…

  1. DreamJ
  2. Create a plan from those dreams
  3. Create the necessary action steps to manifest the dreams
  4. Leave mediocrity in last year
  5. Experience new possibilities in this year
  6. Schedule success
  7. Remain focused and intentional

When you take quality time to decide WHO you want to become, WHAT you want to have, WHAT you want to do and WHYyou’re on the right road.  And trust me, you already know the answers.

Your dreams must speak to your professional and personal life.  Regardless of your profession/avocation your strategy must include time just for You, time for Family and time for just plain ole Fun!

Contact me so we can talk further about making this year your BEST EVER!!  Begin to speak LIFE in your day. You have the power in your mind and your mouth.

I’m Rita…speaking to your Spirit



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