It’s been a couple of months since I’ve connected with you and I hope you’re well.  I’ve been MIA, because I am ARIES, a Sun Worshipper, a Beach Girl!  Grey skies, cold days are simply not a part of my DNA.  Make no mistake, my business is rolling and I’ve connected with great folks…but my creativity has been squelched.

Though I’m intentional about being purposeful and productive in January and February, the new and different ideas just ain’t flowing.  Do you feel me?

I researched SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – which is a type of depression related to changes in seasons. NOT ME!

I’ve got the winter blues…

  1. Loving my bed
  2. Eating comfort foods – thanks to Lays and Cheetos
  3. Try to avoid gaining weight by placing the Cheetos bag ON the treadmill to remind me I’M NOT DONE YET!
  4. Watching BOURNE IDENTITY for the gazillion time
  5. Working daily on me to remain upbeat and focused
  6. Spending a full day in silence at Richmond Hill to gather my thoughts
  7. Wishing I lived in a warmer climate
  8. Burning anything toxic that gets in my space
  9. Write lots in my journal
  10. Having great meals with great wine and great friends

And now it’s March!  March tells me I’m getting really close to April and more sun.  The clocks changed, which means my evenings have more light. And today, I’m writing this blog. I’m coming back, I can feel it!

But here is what I’ve realized as I’m writing this.  Those 10 behaviors I do in January and February to keep my energy up, are the exact same things I do in the other months.  The ONLY difference is there’s more sunshine.  HUH!!!

So what have I learned?  It’s important to recognize and face my feelings.  I can be down for a minute with them because they’re part of me and who I am.  I can be down for a minute, and then it’s time to get up and pick something from my list above to do.

Are you hearing me? I made it through and I’m already feeling the energy.  Know your body and what it’s saying to you.  It’s not about pills or alcohol in order to mask the feelings.  It’s about you realizing how critical your role is in making this planet better.  It’s about you loving you and getting out of your way so you can be the change you want to see happen.

Tell me what’s challenging you and let’s figure out, together, how to get past it.

I’m Rita…speaking to your spirit

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