Recently, a friend said to me…  “Leadership is Lonely”  And I thought WOW…that is so true!!! I realized that Lady Leaders, are typically, either lifting someone up, explaining something to someone who is looking at you sideways,  attempting to stay two feet ahead, or all of the above.  Is this you?  
Here’s my question…
  • Who are you connecting with?
  • Whose taking care of you? 
  • Where do you go for feedback when you want the whole truth,  unapologetically? 
  • Where do you go for honest, sometime brutal feedback that affirms you’re on the right track ? 
  • What safe space, do you have, where you can share, be heard and know that you’re understood and receiving unbiased feedback?

WHAT IF ... there were a group of women providing motivation, encouragement, support, resources, and brutal feedback with the same energy and passion you're giving to them? 

WHAT IF... there were a group of women offering their wisdom, knowledge, experience, empathy, authenticity, doubts, fears and caring spirit to you, and you them?

WHAT IF... you no longer had to feel alone and lonely in your space?

Welcome to Bold and Classy!

An intimate group of women delving deep into rich discussions to strategize and help each other create success .

2nd Thursdays – BOLD AND CLASSY! … Leaders in Transition

On the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm EST, we will meet for 90 minutes every month for the 3 month period.
The wonder will begin with our first session on August 12th.
You will receive a brief survey prior to Session One so you can list specific situations and challenges you want feedback on. The conversation will be structured around the issues you listed. 

BONUS! Each month, I'm offering office hours for 30 minutes to answer questions.

(1) 90-minute session per month for 3 months

Special Offer

This offer is valued at $1500. But as a charter member, I'm offering it to you for just $850. Payment can be completed all at once or you have the option to pay $300 monthly for 3 months.

"Women need a source of empathy and the ability to ideate off of that empathy with other women."
Susan McPherson
“I enjoy having Rita as my spiritual coach, but I also enjoy how comfortable she makes me feel, even in groups. I’ve participated in several of her classes and we all seem to open up immediately. We feel vulnerable enough to share, which helps us get to the solution in a more timely manner. I’m a people pleaser, but not in her groups. Everyone of us is actually paying attention to our own needs. We support one another, and I’m not concerned about being judged. My self-doubt fades when I’m in her groups because they really want to know how I’m feeling. My challenge has always been managing my time. Working with Rita has taught me 3 things…I now respect my time, I’m more intentional about how I spend my time and I pick one thing a day and feel accomplished about how my time was spent.”
Kyla Jepson
“I own my business and have been in several mastermind groups over the years and learned lots of skills. Rita brings new ways of thinking about who I am as a leader and what MY vision is. What do I want to do with my life and my career? She’s positioned me at the front of my life in order to make right decisions for me. I love her group classes, because I realize there are other women I admire, going through similar challenges. We’ve learned we need to bet more on ourselves than our business plan. I’ve stopped second guessing myself because I’m leaving behind a legacy and there are a lot of eyes watching me."
Gloria Phipps
My time with Bold and Classy has been amazing and transformative. I love connecting with likeminded business women for all walks of life and being able to gain wisdom from Ms. Rita.
Quiana Gainey
President and CEO SecureTech360

So, which type of BOLD AND CLASSY! are you??