April 19, 2021  |  4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Best Self 2021

The purpose of this webinar is to show you how to reconnect with you.  Claiming Your Best Self begins when you remove the labels you carry.  Sometimes you don’t even realize how much they weigh on you, i.e. woman, daughter, Mom, partner, black, short, fat, victim, survivor, widowed, divorced, single, old…LABELS.  The list goes on and on and on.  But labels only describe what the world sees.  They do not define who you are. 

The first and most essential action is that you begin today to rewrite your story.  Working thru this Action will direct you to accomplish the other 4, just as juicy, Actions.  We’ll take time discussing the benefits of each of these essential actions to get you unstuck.  

Join me as I show you how to Claim Your Best Self.

April 19th  4:00pm EST   FREE

Join us for Claiming Your Best Self!

Meet Rita Ricks, Spiritual Coach and Author

Let's Transform The Way
You Live So You Can Enjoy Life

I’m Rita Ricks, a spiritual business coach for women looking to connect with their authentic selves. My purpose is to show women how to remove the barriers preventing them from living the life they were born to live. The obstacles are always in the way of a new idea or quest. Practicing the three steps in this workshop will move you forward with purpose, excitement, and renewed strength. I’m also the author of Permission Granted: A Journal of Spiritual Epiphanies and #JUSTFORTODAY an award winning author.

“One of the simplest things she asked me to do was sit silently for 10 minutes. For me, that was almost an impossible dream, but instead, I found it profoundly helpful.”
“Rita listens. She's able to hear what you're saying and help you listen to what you're saying.”

“Rita has helped me back off some of that constant need for drive and accomplishment and instead go inward to get quiet and listen.”
"Rita is outstanding in helping you to figure out and understand who you are, how to use your own personal skills to help you persevere and what tools you can use internally to bring out the best in yourself.”

"I’m finally using all the actions Rita taught and they’re helping me so much. My favorite was how she explained Time Management that made me look at TIME differently."

"Rita’s 1ST was question was WHO AM I? That blew my mind, because I never thought that deeply about myself. Like most women, I put others first. As a result of this webinar, my attitude changed immediately and I now know who I am."
"This webinar is worth every penny. I enjoyed learning about me. I know I matter, and I’m worth it. Thank you Rita!"