Are you in a comfortable, but totally unfulfilling career or relationship?  Do you constantly doubt your capacity to succeed? Do you want to be in a different space, but don’t know how to start?


Be encouraged, empowered, energized
and experience Life

  • 8-weeks Group Coaching Session with Rita
  • Digital Workbook designed to follow the iterative process for implementation
  • Access to the recording of each session
  • Private Facebook Group with weekly live Q & A

Total Value: $3,000

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I attended the Listen-Plan-Implement Workshop with Rita Ricks earlier this year. Over the course of 8 weeks, my focus was on establishing the presence of my business. I was very pleased with the attention and feedback Rita provided during each session. She also provided tools and techniques to help me understand the importance of developing a clear vision, mission, and meaningful goals. My biggest accomplishment was to plan out my business growth activities for the remainder of 2021. Developing this plan has increased my clarity and sense of direction two-fold. I am not only able to see what events I have planned for the year, but I also have a clear vision of what is required to be in place before launching each event. THANK YOU Rita for helping me to lay a solid foundation for my business in 2021 and beyond.
Debra Severan
Rita!! Rita Ricks and “Listen, Plan, Implement” helped to prioritize each of our passions.  Each week, we went through step by step and learned to listen, plan, and implement so that our passions become reality.  The other ladies in the class along with Rita made it such a wonderful experience. Everyone was so supportive of one another and the friendships built are so special. I highly recommend taking this enlightening course with Rita Ricks. Hone in on your passion and make it your everyday!
Kristin Arnoldi

Your investment is only $2600
or two monthly payments of $1300.

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LISTEN PLAN IMPLEMENT begins Feb 1 at 6:00 PM on zoom.

You should take this course if…

  You are finally ready to live the life you’ve only dreamed about 

  You know there’s more inside of you and you’re ready for it to come out

  You want to be held accountable for what you say you want to achieve

  You know you are capable of so much more

  You want to leave a legacy of Excellence 

  You want to be in true alignment with your purpose

  You want to create the life you want to live