THE NAUGHTY LIST: Strategies to Combat Holiday Stress

November 20th | 10am EST


Join this free webinar on November 20th to learn from Speaking to Your Spirit, Spiritual and Mental Health Wellness Coach Angela Lightfoot as she presents,  THE NAUGHTY LIST: Strategies to Combat Holiday Stress.

As you think about the holiday season quickly approaching what are your first thoughts? Does it make you feel warm inside or do you instantly flinch? Do you think of big family celebrations or are you the one who avoids family gatherings? What’s on your naughty list?

The holiday season can be one of the most beautiful and memorable times of the year but it can also be the most stressful time as well. Instead of bracing ourselves for the impact of the holiday stressors, join Angela as she shares a few recommendations for navigating and overcoming holiday stress and anxiety.

By attending this free webinar, you can expect to come away with:

  • A clearer understanding of who you are and what’s most important to you during the holidays.
  • An ability to identify and reduce triggers that cause tension and emotional strain.
  • A set of strategies to implement into your holiday planning to reduce stress.
  • A plan for honoring old traditions while embracing new traditions and habits.

Before your holiday schedule gets too busy, mark your calendars for November 20th at 10 am for this special GIFT to you.

Attend our Webinar – November 20th!

Meet Angela Lightfoot

Mental Health & Awareness
Young Adult Coach

Angela has worked in Higher Education, Mental Health Counseling, and Life Coaching in the Richmond Metropolitan area for years. Angela assist her clients learn how to “Dream in the Present” by acknowledging their past experiences, their current knowledge and willingness to learn more. She works with them through their many abilities and limitations. She empowers individuals to discover, visualize, and create healthy lifestyles they can be proud of. With a background in mental health, Angela works with people of all abilities to also include the families and caregivers of those with mild mental illnesses and diagnosis (Mild Anxiety, Mild Depression, PTSD, and ADHD). Although counseling and coaching are indeed two different skill sets, she is able to combine them to help support, promote, inspire, and acknowledge the different aspects and uniqueness of each client.

Angela’s certifications include Wellness Coaching: Family and Relationship Coaching, Work and Life Balance, Determine Life Direction, and Confidence Building. Spiritual Coaching: Utilizes faith-based principles to obtain spiritual fulfilment and a personal, deeper connection with God and Spirit. Mental Health Wellness Coaching: Cognitive and behavioral strengths-based support for adults living with high functioning and mild mental health illnesses and disorders.

"Rita does an outstanding job getting you to open up about your truth, your empowerment, what you struggle with and ways to a better you. You won't regret taking this class, you're worth it!"
Rener S.