Permission Granted: A Journal of Spiritual Epiphanies


A virtual copy of “Permission Granted: A Journal of Spiritual Epiphanies” by Rita C. Ricks.

Are you ready to restore your peace, embrace your gifts and thrive in your purpose? Receive 52 spiritual epiphanies for weekly exploration and journaling.

Conceptualized questions and guided weekly dialogues designed to make you think, dig deeper, and lead your way to powerful discovery points across all facets of your life.

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Live a life inspired by focusing your heart and mind on your G.I.F.T.S. These weekly epiphanies will challenge you both spiritually and mentally, establishing long-term clarity and purpose that will drive your daily life and decisions.

G – Gratitude. Live your life in a spirit of thanks, focusing your energy and spirit in humble gratitude.

I – Intentional. Unlock your unrivaled purpose and live a life of intention, grounded in the present.

F – Fearless. Learn to laugh without fear of the future and embrace the beauty of life.

T – Today. Focus your energy on what you can do to live the life of your dreams today, fully present.

S – Silence. Explore your unrivaled purpose and discover the art of listening to the silence.

Download your choice of the long-form full version, complete with space to journal, or a shorter, online version for easy access while you take notes in your favorite notebook or journal. You will have access to both virtual versions.

BONUS: Free Membership to our Private PERMISSION GRANTED! Facebook Group.


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