September 15th | 6pm EST

Virtual – $25


Relationships: The state of being connected

    • Are you struggling with lovingly connecting with your significant other? Children? Parents?
    • Are you struggling with lovingly connecting with your Co-workers? Customers? Supervisor?
    • From whom did you learn your love languages and how is it impacting your relationships today?
  • In this workshop we will go in depth about all 5 love languages:
    • Words of Affirmation
    • Acts of Service
    • Physical Touch
    • Quality Time
    • Receiving Gifts


  • A 10 page interactive workbook  with discussion questions to guide you.
  • You will complete a 10 min assessment to identify your primary love language.
  • We will explore the qualities of each of the 5 love languages with questions such as “What words affirm you?”
  • We will determine how the origins of our love language serve us today.
  • We will open the floor for an authentic and rich discussion on how these expressions of love make you feel.
  • At the completion of this workshop
    • You will have a better understanding of yourself in order to articulate your love language to others.
    • You will have a better understanding of love languages in general to recognize the needs of others.

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Your investment for learning how to better interact with others is $25

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Meet Angela Lightfoot

Mental Health & Awareness
Young Adult Coach

Angela has worked in Higher Education, Mental Health Counseling, and Life Coaching in the Richmond Metropolitan area for years. Angela assist her clients learn how to “Dream in the Present” by acknowledging their past experiences, their current knowledge and willingness to learn more. She works with them through their many abilities and limitations. She empowers individuals to discover, visualize, and create healthy lifestyles they can be proud of. With a background in mental health, Angela works with people of all abilities to also include the families and caregivers of those with mild mental illnesses and diagnosis (Mild Anxiety, Mild Depression, PTSD, and ADHD). Although counseling and coaching are indeed two different skill sets, she is able to combine them to help support, promote, inspire, and acknowledge the different aspects and uniqueness of each client.

Angela’s certifications include Wellness Coaching: Family and Relationship Coaching, Work and Life Balance, Determine Life Direction, and Confidence Building. Spiritual Coaching: Utilizes faith-based principles to obtain spiritual fulfilment and a personal, deeper connection with God and Spirit. Mental Health Wellness Coaching: Cognitive and behavioral strengths-based support for adults living with high functioning and mild mental health illnesses and disorders.

"Rita does an outstanding job getting you to open up about your truth, your empowerment, what you struggle with and ways to a better you. You won't regret taking this class, you're worth it!"
Rener S.